Published on December 7, 2018  

Introducing Via Media

Dr. Gerald McDermott hosts Via Media, the new podcast of Beeson Divinity School's Institute of Anglican Studies. His first guest is Dean George on the topic "What Can Anglicans and Baptists Learn from One Another?"

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The Seed of Woman: Mary Among the Protestants by Matthew Emerson and Luke Stamps

But ultimately and theologically we need to recognize that Christ’s life and work are one redemptive act of the one Triune God. To say it slightly differently, Christ didn’t begin his saving work on the cross or even when he began his public ministry. The incarnation in the womb of the Virgin already signals Satan’s defeat. As John Calvin emphasized, it was the whole course of Christ’s obedience that brought about redemption. The very act of assumption—as God the Son takes to himself a complete human nature, body and soul—already begins Christ’s atoning mission: reconciling God and man, and the crown of his creation, in his own person.

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The Amazing Story of Frank Barker and Campus Outreach by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

“Religion was very accepted, but such a private thing. And then all of a sudden there were people who had grown up in religious homes and religious society saying they’d become Christians. . . . Adults who’d always thought they were Christians because they were moral people were suddenly being transformed by the gospel. It was an explosion.”

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The Story by Christ Church Anglican

The Christian calendar tells the story of God and His people by dividing the year into two major segments, each lasting approximately six months. The first part tells the story of Jesus – beginning in Advent with the anticipation of His birth and stretching all the way to Pentecost with the sending of the Holy Spirit.

Following in this great tradition, we too are re-telling the story of Jesus. As we enter into this great drama of God’s redemption, may we hear it again, fresh and new, and find ourselves to be more than hearers – that we might discover ourselves to be participants, because Jesus’ story has become our own.

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