Published on December 11, 2018  
James Earl Massey appreciation presentation

On November 27, 2018, Dr. Robert Smith, Jr., Rev. Kervin Jones, and Beeson student Lawayne Custard made a special presentation in honor of the late Rev. Dr. James Earl Massey, longtime friend and supporter of Beeson Divinity School. The presentation included a statement of appreciation in honor of Dr. Massey and a document containing the signatures of all Beeson administrators, faculty, staff, and students. 

Today we honor the life and memory of Dr. James Earl Massey, teacher, mentor, preacher, and friend to Beeson Divinity School since its inception in 1988. Dr. Massey was preacher and teacher of preaching par excellence. He preached more times in Hodges Chapel than any other guest in the history of our school. Dr. Massey had a profound influence on the mission of this school, its faculty, staff and students throughout the years. While many people seek greatness but only attain mediocrity, Dr. Massey was lifted to greatness while seeking simply to be faithful to his calling. Never one to give himself to minor absolutes, he modeled, with courage and compassion, the burdensome joy of a herald whose life reflected the message he proclaimed. In 2006, Beeson Divinity School appropriately named its student preaching award after Dr. Massey to remind students of the kind of preacher we want them to be.

It is, therefore, with great love for and deep appreciation to Dr. Massey that we declare this day, Nov. 27, 2018, a special day of remembrance and thanksgiving for the life and ministry of Dr. James Earl Massey. Dr. Massey leaves behind a rich legacy of how to preach the Word of God faithfully for the people of God that will last into years to come.

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