Published on October 18, 2019 by Kara Young  
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Kara Young is a student at Beeson Divinity School pursuing a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. She is a singer, songwriter and worship leader with a deep love for hymnody, theology and congregational worship. 

“Come Away from Rush and Hurry” is a text written by Marva Dawn, a Christian theologian, author, musician and educator from Vancouver, Washington. 

I first heard these words as a prayer in a staff devotional led by Eric Mathis when I worked as Public Relations Coordinator with Samford University's Center for Worship and the Arts. These words spoke to me that day, and I had them printed and taped on the wall in my office for the next year. I found myself reading, humming or praying through them during the late morning hours of the workday (when I typically feel the most stress).

In early 2019, I shared the text with Caleb Fincher, local church musician and artist, and over the process of a few months, we arranged, recorded, produced and released the song. 

With over 15,000 streams on Spotify alone, "Come Away from Rush and Hurry" has been listed to various playlists and featured on local podcasts. I pray that these words speak to you in the way they have me.

Run from rush. Run toward rest. 



Come away from rush and hurry 
to the stillness of God's peace;
from our vain ambition's worry, 
come to Christ to find release.
Come away from noise and clamor, 
life's demands and frenzied pace;
come to join the people gathered
here to seek and find God's face.

In the pastures of God's goodness
we lie down to rest our soul.
From the waters of God's mercy
we drink deeply, are made whole.
At the table of God's presence
all the saints are richly fed.
With the oil of God's anointing
into service we are led.

Come, then, children, with your burdens⁠—
life's confusions, fears and pain.
Leave them at the cross of Jesus;
take instead his kingdom's reign.
Bring your thirsts, for he will quench them⁠—
he alone will satisfy.
All our longings find attainment
when to self we gladly die.


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