Published on January 18, 2019  

King's Dream Succeeds If We Read the Bible by Nicole Massie Martin

As we commemorate King’s legacy, we have the opportunity to revive racial reconciliation efforts. While Bible study gatherings are not a silver bullet for changing churches, they are one tool that can positively shift the degree of racial trust among Christians. They have the potential to start cross-racial partnerships and, more importantly, ground local faith communities in the diversity of the global, historic church.

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Principled Ecumenism by Matthew Emerson and Luke Stamps

At the end of the day, the ecumenism we would seek begins from a posture of humility. While we believe the Baptist tradition closely aligns with the New Testament churches, we reject all over-realized eschatologies that would identify the fullness of God’s kingdom with any institutional church or denomination—including our own. It begins with the assumption that we have much to receive as well as much to give in the generous exchange of gifts within the body of Christ.

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The Man Who Lead My Father to Christ by Emily Colson and David Carlson

Those of you who know about Tom Phillips probably know him from that incredible scene in my Dad’s [Chuck Colson's] first book, “Born Again.” It happened in the midst of the Watergate crisis. While on vacation in New England, my dad sought out Tom, his friend and associate. There was something different about Tom, a peace my dad desperately needed. They sat together on Tom’s screen porch, and Tom, in his humble, persistent way, asked Dad how he was doing. As my dad began to pour out his heart to Tom, Tom shared how he – a successful businessman who seemed to have everything – realized he had nothing without Jesus Christ. Tom shared with my dad his story of attending a Billy Graham crusade, and giving his life to Christ.

Remembering Fr. Richard John Neuhaus by Wilfred McClay

A Lutheran pastor turned Catholic priest, Neuhaus transcended a provincial background to become one of the most important American religious leaders and public intellectuals of the postwar era. His absence has left a palpable hole in our national life.

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