Published on February 13, 2019  

Dr. Robert Smith delivered this sermon on February 12, 2018 in Hodges Chapel. Preaching from Joshua 22, Dr. Smith argues that "the stigmata of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Spirit of God, enables the believer to overcome the stigma of racism." This sermon is a call to maintain hope in the power of the gospel to bring about racial reconciliation, or as Dr. Smith prefers, "Christo-conciliation." He explains that he prefers this term since the races in the United States are not currently, and have never been, in a state of conciliation. It is also a call not to turn a blind eye to the sin of racism. Dr. Smith says that the church that fails to confront contemporary racism is "a sick church that cannot minister to a critically ill world."

Listen to the entire sermon below:

We apologize for the poor video quality. Given the powerful content and the timeliness of the message, we thought it appropriate to share this sermon, despite the technical difficulties with the recording.