Published on March 23, 2020 by Mark DeVine  
Mark DeVine
Mark DeVine

Divine Memory, Presence, and Promises: let’s take them in reverse order.

We belong to the one and the only promise-keeping God. And that means that we belong to the one who holds our future. So come what may, he, the one who promises to do us good and has the power to accomplish what he purposes, shall do so. Nothing in heaven or earth, neither sword nor pestilence, nor any other thing shall keep us from his love. New bodies and a new heaven and new earth with a new Jerusalem at its center is coming. Nothing can stop it. Neither you, nor I, nor the virus, shall have the last word. He shall. What a comfort! What a hope!

He is with us. He does not leave us orphans. The comforter Spirit has come and has made the Father and Son a home in and with us. He is closer than a friend. We can talk to him anytime. We are never alone. He shall be with us through all. It’s true. It never changes. What a comfort! What a hope!

He remembers. Neither the past nor the present is or has ever been outside his concern and care. Everything always mattered and matters to him. He remembers the tragedy and triumphs. He puts all the tears in a bottle. Nothing of value is lost. Not one kind gesture. Not one sacrifice for another. Not one burden of love borne. Not one loved one who sleeps in Jesus (in Jesu schlafen). He keeps them. He’s the keeping God. What a comfort! What a hope!

Mark DeVine is associate professor of divinity teaching in the area of history and doctrine.