Dear Beeson community,

In 1993, Beeson Divinity School began the Doctor of Ministry degree. Throughout its 27-year history, 191 men and women have graduated from the program and are now serving with excellence in a wide variety of ministry leadership roles around the world. The faithful ministries of these men and women represent an eternal legacy of the divinity school’s investment in this program.

It is with mixed emotions that I write to let you know of our plans to close the DMin program. The move is part of a plan to provide much-needed training and support to a broader spectrum of ministry leaders than the school has been able to serve via the DMin program. Effective immediately, no additional students will be admitted to the program, but courses and supervision will be provided to allow all current students to complete their studies.

Beeson has adopted a strategic goal to enhance significantly the resources and support provided to alumni and others serving in positions of Christian leadership. In recent years, the school has established the Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute and launched the Thriving Pastors Initiative, both made possible by generous grants from the Lilly Endowment Inc. Plans are underway to extend the reach of the school through these programs and other new initiatives to strengthen and encourage the men and women serving on the front lines of Christian ministry.

Current program director, Dr. Michael Pasquarello, will continue at Beeson as the Methodist Chair of Divinity overseeing the Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute and teaching as a member of the faculty.

I am grateful to all of those at Beeson who have made the DMin program such a blessing to so many pastors and churches over the years, especially to Dr. Tom Fuller and Dr. Pasquarello, for their faithful leadership of the program in recent years.

On the one hand, we're sorry to see this storied program go. But on the other hand, we're excited about providing even more opportunities for continuing education and fellowship to pastors in days ahead.

Please reach out to me, Dr. Pasquarello or Dr. Fuller with any questions about this news.

Grace and peace,
Doug Sweeney

D.Min. Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fee Table
Charge Amount
Application fee (non-refundable) *
Enrollment confirmation deposit *
Per credit rate for 2020-21 $494
University Fee $320 per fall/spring term
University Fee   $200 per Jan/summer term
Proofreading fee (one time) $400
Continuation fee for each semester beyond seven semesters $1000

*The D.Min. program is closed and is no longer accepting new applicants.

Students are responsible for all expenses incurred for travel, lodging and meals, as well as for textbooks and other course materials.

Student loans are available through the Samford University's Office of Financial Aid, but no scholarships are available.