As the work of the Thriving Pastors Initiative progresses, and as we learn more about thriving in ministry together, resources from enrichment events, conferences and Thrive Groups will be made available to benefit the wider church of Jesus Christ and those who will come after us.
Paul House discusses his article, Imperturbable Endurance: Fritz Onnasch, Bonhoeffer's Forgotten Friend, which he contributed to the 2021 Beeson magazine.
Co-hosts Doug Sweeney and Kristen Padilla talk to Stephen Johnson about his work with the Thriving Pastors Initiative at Beeson. 
In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, MDiv student Isaiah Cruz reflects on three lessons he learned from his mother, Pastora Lidia, about gospel ministry.
Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School is pleased to announce Stephen Johnson as the associate director of the grant-funded Thriving Pastors Initiative, effective Oct. 5.
We have been brought near by the blood of Jesus Christ. Let’s show the world our nearness to the Lord and one another
Dr. Frank Thielman, Presbyterian Chair of Divinity and New Testament professor, gave the following lecture in 2018 called, "The Gospel, Social Justice, and the Church," which is shown to every incoming Beeson Divinity student during new student orientation.
Friends and families, who have lost loved ones during the pandemic, are experiencing grief in a way that is very unlike our usual experience of grief. So how do we help brothers and sisters through these complex emotional and spiritual issues?
Professor Mark DeVine believes Jesus Christ can teach us at least two lessons in this extraordinary time of death and separation: he alone sustains our faith and gathering belongs to his permanent purposes.
What does Ecclesiastes teach us about life in these uncertain and unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic? Professor Mark Gignilliat reflects on the advice of the elderly preacher.
Dr. Grant Taylor explains how the Psalms can help Christians suffer well for the glory of God.
Sometimes our calling to serve as ministers of God’s flock becomes clear only in a moment of crisis or uncertainty.