Course frequency information is based on course offerings over the last several years. Although it is likely that courses will be offered at the same frequency in the future, law faculty are constantly adding to and subtracting from the curriculum to keep pace with current trends, research interests, and student demand. Accordingly, there is no guarantee any particular course will be offered with the same frequency in the future, or that an elective course will be offered at all.

Every Semester+

Advanced Skills in Trial Advocacy (LAW-804)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (LAW-674)

Basic Skills in Trial Advocacy (LAW-800)

Corporate Externship I (LAW-910)

Corporate Externship II (LAW-911)

Criminal Procedure I (LAW-665)

Directed Research I (LAW-720)

Directed Research II (LAW-721)

Domestic Relations (LAW-662)

Externship I (LAW-906)

Externship II (LAW-907)

Federal Income Tax I (LAW-668)

Government Agency Externship I (LAW-914)

Government Agency Externship II (LAW-915)

Judicial Externship I (LAW-908)

Judicial Externship II (LAW-909)

Judicial Observation (LAW-905)

Law Office Practice and Management (LAW-829)

Litigation Externship I (LAW-912)

Litigation Externship II (LAW-913)

Mediator Practice (LAW-805)

Municipal Court Practice & Procedure (LAW-626)

Negotiation (LAW-801)

Pretrial Practice (LAW-824)

Professional Responsibilities (LAW-546)

Public Interest Externship I (LAW-916)

Public Interest Externship II (LAW-917)

Secured Transactions (LAW-533)

Trial Journal Writing Seminar (LAW-733)

Wills, Trusts, and Estates (LAW-540)

Every Year+

Advanced Evidence (LAW-613)

Alabama Civil Litigation Practice and Procedures (LAW-657)

Appellate Advocacy (LAW-820)

Bankruptcy (LAW-608)

Business Drafting (LAW-746)

Business Organizations (LAW-526)

Complex Litigation (LAW-650)

Conflict of Laws (LAW-683)

Constitutional Law I (LAW-522)

Constitutional Law II (LAW-523)

Criminal Procedure II (LAW-666)

Damages (LAW-644)

E-Discovery and Digital Evidence (LAW-743)

Employment Discrimination (LAW-703)

Employment Law (LAW-602)

Environmental Law (LAW-698)

Estate Planning (LAW-664)

Federal Courts (LAW-660)

Information, Technology and the Law (LAW-656)

Insurance (LAW-604)

Intellectual Property (LAW-696)

International Business Transactions (LAW-619)

Juvenile Justice (LAW-687)

Labor Law (LAW-667)

Law Review Writing Seminar (LAW-722)

Lawyering and Legal Reasoning I (LAW-512)

Lawyering and Legal Reasoning II (LAW-513)

Local Government Law (LAW-738)

Payment Systems (LAW-532)

Products Liability (LAW-684)

Real Estate Transactions (LAW-615)

Sales (LAW-736)

Sports Law: Amateur Sports (LAW-645)

Sports Law: Professional (LAW-798 01P)

Torts II (LAW-735)

Worker's Compensation (LAW-693)

Alternate Years+

Administrative Law (LAW-686)

American Constitutional History (LAW-614)

Antitrust (LAW-673)

Bioethics and Law (LAW-745)

Corporate Taxation (LAW-655)

Estate & Gift Taxation (LAW-606)

Estate and Trust Administration (LAW-641)

Government Regulation of Business (LAW-625)

Immigration Law (LAW-649)

International Law (LAW-612)

Military Justice (LAW-646)

Oil & Gas Law (LAW-671)

Partnership Taxation (LAW-609)

Patent Law (LAW-621)

Shakespeare and Trial Advocacy (LAW-755)

State and Local Taxation (LAW-711)

Trademark and Business Torts (LAW-692)

Generally Summer+

Admiralty (LAW-685)

Advanced Writing Skills for Lawyers (LAW-704)

Economics Analysis of Law Seminar (LAW-728)

Endangered Species Act Seminar (LAW-744)

Law of the European Union (LAW-754)

Legal Process (LAW-697)

MCL-Constitutional Law/Selected Problems (LAW-740)

MCL-Legal Research and Writing (LAW-517)

Public Health Law (LAW-640)

Public Law Process (LAW-624)

The English Legal System and the European Union (LAW-753)

Offered Infrequently*+

Accounting for Lawyers (LAW-627)

Advanced Appellate Advocacy (LAW-821)

Arbitration (LAW-710)

Banking Law (LAW-605)

Business Bankruptcy (LAW-611)

Business Crimes (LAW-679)

Business Planning (LAW-610)

The Business of Law (LAW-750)

Christian Conciliation (LAW-802)

Civil Litigation Analysis (LAW-642)

Civil Rights (LAW-618)

Consumer Protection (LAW-603)

Copyright Law (LAW-629)

Corporate Finance (LAW-607)

Entertainment Law (LAW-633)

Equitable Remedies (LAW-622)

ERISA and Deferred Compensation (LAW-699)

Federal Income Tax II (LAW-669)

Financing Real Property Transactions (LAW-638)

Health Care Delivery Systems (LAW-658)

Health Law Transactions (LAW-653)

International Environmental Law (LAW-601)

International Intellectual Property System (LAW-663)

Introduction to Business Concepts (LAW-630)

Jurisprudence and the Foundation of Law (LAW-695)

Land Use Planning (LAW-648)

Legislation (LAW-637)

Media Law (LAW-659)

Mediation Advocacy (LAW-803)

Medical Liability (LAW-651)

Natural Resources Law (LAW-670)

Nonprofit Organizations: Law and Governance (LAW-635)

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law (LAW-676)

Practicing Law In-House (LAW-724)

Race & American Law (LAW-708)

Sea, Ocean, & Coastal Law (LAW-688)

Securities Regulation (LAW-620)

Scientific Evidence (LAW-623)

State Constitutional Law (LAW-717)

Taxation of Nonprofit Organizations (LAW-639)

Unincorporated Business Entities (LAW-647)

U.S. Taxation of International Business (LAW-634)

Voting Rights (LAW-709)

Selected Topics Courses - Offered Infrequently**+

Selected Topics in Business Organizations (LAW-777)

Selected Topics in Civil Procedure (LAW-770)

Selected Topics in Commercial Law (LAW-779)

Selected Topics in Comparative Law (LAW-765)

Selected Topics in Constitutional Law (LAW-780)

Selected Topics in Contract Law (LAW-771)

Selected Topics in Criminal Law & Procedure (LAW-772)

Selected Topics in Dispute Resolution (LAW-781)

Selected Topics in Employment Law (LAW-783)

Selected Topics in Environmental Law (LAW-784)

Selected Topics in Evidence Law (LAW-773)

Selected Topics in International Law (LAW-766)

Selected Topics in Professional Responsibilities (LAW-786)

Selected Topics in Property Law (LAW-774)

Selected Topics in Tort Law (LAW-775)

Selected Topics in Trusts and Estates Law (LAW-790)

 *These courses are not offered in the current academic year and have not been offered in the past two academic years.

**The distinctive feature of selected topics courses is flexibility. Selected topics courses provide an opportunity for close study of specific matters of contemporary interest within a broad area of law. The list of selected topics courses offered in an academic year, if any, is highly fluid since course content is dependent upon a variety of factors including current events, legal trends, student interest, and faculty research, among others. There is no guarantee that a given selected topics course will be offered during the time a student is enrolled; the listing is provided to indicate the variety of courses that may be offered. Students should consult the current schedule of courses to determine whether a selected topics course is offered in a particular semester and to see a description of the matters that will be covered.