Simulation Training

Health care simulation is an innovative, fun, and exciting way to learn and practice caring for patients. Through the use of simulation, respiratory care students will experience caring for a patient as a member of a health care team in a safe environment with no risk of harm to the patient. Students develop teamwork and communication skills by working with other disciplines including nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, and many other members of the health care team. Students will have the opportunity to practice high-risk medical procedures and challenging interpersonal situations in a safe setting. This is especially helpful for experiences that do not occur routinely during clinical rotations.

Our 22,000 square foot state-of-the-art simulation center offers discipline specific and interdisciplinary learning opportunities across the simulation continuum. High fidelity simulators respond realistically to care and allow students to practice skills until they are comfortable with assessment and procedures. Our center features adult, pediatric, and neonatal simulators and a variety of patient care settings including inpatient hospital rooms, the operating room, and even a simulated home unit. Experiences that can be created include high risk deliveries, asthma attacks, traumas, and emergency situations. We also offer the capability for the simulation to be recorded to be viewed at a later time. The option to view simulation video is a great learning tool to for self-discovery and getting a 360 degree view of an experience.