Center for Faith & Health

Education in Action, Fueled by Faith

In the School of Health Professions, education leads naturally into action as our graduates use their compassion, skills and experience to make the world a better place.

As a Christian university, we also believe that we must put out great depth of knowledge and experience within our faculty, staff and students to work, making the lives of people better, here at home and in communities around the world. 

The Center provides a critical link between our academic programs and the communities we serve. Within the Center, we have collected all of our outreach programs and all of our missions work. It is a model for inter-disciplinary collaboration that reflects the growing team orientation of modern health care practice.

Education is meant to prepare us to make a difference in the world. The Center for Faith and Health is where we put those beliefs into action.

Mission Work

We are called to more than a career in health care. We are called to a life making the lives of others better. In almost every program, you will find opportunities to participate in mission work, here in the U.S. and around the world. Service is a key component of every program and a defining characteristic of the School of Health Professions. 

Trip to the Dominican Republic

Annual trip to the Dominican Republic helps Kinesiology students understand the power of their calling.

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