Christopher  Ballmann
Associate Professor
School of Health Professions
Department of Kinesiology
2G15A CHS Building 2

Christopher Ballmann arrived at Samford in 2016 after completing his PhD at Auburn University and Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His research expertise includes cardiovascular disease, exercise physiology, and skeletal muscle biology. His primary goals are to mentor and teach students about the multitude of health benefits from exercise and involve students in the scientific research process.

"Commit to the Lord in whatever you do, and He will establish your plans."
Proverbs 16:3

Degrees and Certifications

  • Ph.D., exercise physiology, Auburn University 
  • M.Ed., exercise physiology, Auburn University 
  • B.S., exercise science, Auburn University 
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Exercise, Cardiovascular disease, Skeletal muscle, Physiology of training, Molecular mediators of exercise adaptation


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Selected Conference Lectures

  • For Those About to Rock: The Role of Music Preference on Exercise Performance”, Symposium., SEACSM Meeting, Jacksonville, FL (February, 2020)
  • Animal Research and Training for Exercise Science Professions” SEACSM meeting, Chattanooga, TN (2018)
  • Long-Term Dietary Quercetin Enrichment and Cardiac Pathology in MDX and MDX/UTRN +/- Mice” University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL (2015)
  • Effect of Long-Term Quercetin Supplementation on Dystrophic Cardiac Pathology in MDX/UTRN +/- Mice Experimental Biology (EB) Meeting, Boston, MA (2015)

Research Areas

Exercise Physiology, Cardiovascular disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Ergogenic aids, Music and Exercise

Honors and Awards

  • Samford University School of Health Professions Excellence in Teaching Award, 2020
  • Samford University Professor of the Week/Professor of the Game, 2019
  • Samford University School of Health Professions Excellence in Scholarship Award, 2019
  • University at Alabama Birmingham, Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2015
  • American Kinesiology Association Doctoral Scholar, 2015


  • American Heart Association
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • American Physiological Society