Published on June 30, 2023  
McFarlin Tim

This summer, Associate Professor of Law Tim McFarlin was invited to workshop his project “Killing Classic Copyrights” at the Fourth Annual Art Law Works-in-Progress Colloquium hosted by New England Law.  The Colloquium gathers scholars across disciplines who are researching legal issues affecting the art world. 

McFarlin said, “It was wonderful engaging with others’ cutting-edge scholarship, and I received great feedback on my latest work, which grapples with whether copyright law’s harshest remedies—including injunction, destruction, and voiding of copyright—should apply to classic art deemed to be infringing.  For example, both in the context of my work and more generally, the Colloquium participants engaged in some really interesting discussions on the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling against Andy Warhol’s estate.”