Published on December 14, 2023  
McFarlin Tim

This fall, Associate Professor of Law Tim McFarlin participated in St. John’s Intellectual Property Colloquium and Texas A&M’s Intellectual Property Scholars Roundtable. There he presented on how state law may help bring greater recognition to authors previously unrecognized by federal copyright law.

Additionally, McFarlin’s multipart project focusing on one such author, Mary Ann Cord, is now fully published and available to read here, here and with his coauthor, Professor of Law Alyssa DiRusso, here. McFarlin can be heard discussing this work with Dean Blake Hudson on Cumberland’s Research Radio podcast and be seen presenting on it via the Center for Mark Twain Studies.

McFarlin said, “I’ve had such a meaningful experience writing and speaking about these issues—spanning the past and future of our culture’s creativity—and I’m excited for more to come!”