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Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Process

Q1: Where do I submit this form?
A1: To Accounting and Financial Services

Q2: How do I submit this form?
A2: You will need to print a copy of the form and sign it unless you have means to apply an electronic signature. You also need to include a copy of a voided check. You can send via campus mail or deliver directly to Accounting in Samford Hall, Room 205.

Q3: What if I don’t have a voided check? What if I don’t want to waste a check to void?
A3: A copy is acceptable. Perhaps you can access a check image from a previous purchase from your bank’s website and simply write “void” on it. You can white or black out the payee and amount. We just need to see the strip along the bottom of the check containing your account and routing number. A deposit slip is not acceptable.

Q4: Is this required?
A4: Yes. As of January 1, 2014 direct deposit is mandatory for all employees. It is not required for students and independent contractors.

Q5: How long will this take?
A5: We will process the forms as they are received. If you have a current reimbursement in Accounting please let Accounting know and we will merge the paperwork and attempt to have your next payment via direct deposit.

Q6: Do I have to do this now? What if I don’t know when I’ll need a reimbursement? Can I wait until I need a reimbursement to sign up?
A6: We suggest you enroll now to avoid delays when you submit your next expense report. If you enroll now all future payments will be sent to the bank account you selected.

Q7: Can I choose more than one banking account?
A7: Banner currently allows only one bank account to be populated for Accounts Payable.
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