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2012 Follow a freshman

2012 Follow a freshman

Outdoor Adventure

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This summer, I went on the Outdoor Adventure Rafting Trip.  There were 13 freshmen, four orientation leaders, and one adult leader with her husband that went on the trip.  It was a lot of fun and I would definitely recommend it to incoming freshmen!

On Friday afternoon when everybody arrived, after everyone put their stuff in their room, without wasting anytime, we headed straight for the river.  The river was supposedly 42 degrees, but that didn’t stop anyone (well, after some convincing) from swimming across and hiking a little up a creek.  After that, we went to the dining hall and met back up with the orientation leaders for dinner.  After some great conversations there,we headed to the fire pit, and we made s'mores on the bonfire.  We spent the remainder of the night playing Catch 21, just talking, and getting to know each other.  After everyone else went to bed, my roommate and I talked for another hour before finally going to bed.  I am sure similar situations went on in other rooms as well.

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and loaded up the bus for a two hour trip to the NOC outpost on the Ocoee River.  We then were given a safety talk by a very experienced rafting guide named Corn Bread.  She told us all about our trip and what we would be doing.  We loaded up the bus and headed for the river.  We rafted the upper and mid sections of the Ocoee. Each was five miles long.  The upper rapids were awesome, and you even get to go through the whitewater course that was used in the 1996 Olympics. Tons of people are standing by the rapids, hoping you flip your raft or at least fall out.  After completing the rapids, Ted, our guide, informed us that this trip was only his second ever guiding a raft on the upper rapids.  On the middle section, we did more tricks in our boat like going in circles and going backwards. There were also parts of the river during both sections where we jumped out of the boat and let the current carry us.  That was a ton of fun as well since you were moving fast and without effort.  After a fun afternoon of rafting was over, the NOC outpost provided us with a BBQ lunch before we hit the road.

When we arrived back at camp, we all showered and then we told jokes, stories, and riddles for a little bit before dinner was ready.  We ate dinner, went back to the cabin for some more Catch 21, stories, and even some deep-ish conversations.  Then, before the OLs left, one of them attempted to tell a scary story.  The guys had fun scaring the girls later that night after the story.  After the OLs left, some people went to bed and some people stayed up just talking, playing cards, or listening to music.  In the morning, we all went to breakfast and loaded the bus.  I actually drove to and from the cabin because it was only 3 and a half hours from my house compared to 6 hours to Samford.  But, I am sure that many people slept on the bus ride back as I know everyone was worn out and tired from a very fun, exciting weekend.



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