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Reflections: semester in review

reflectionsHey y'all, I hope your Christmas break was absolutely wonderful! The rest and relaxation provided me with time to reflect on a couple of the big happenings from the first chapter of my Samford story.

First and probably most important for me this semester was finding where to plug in and grow outside of the classroom. I attended multiple clubs, churches, and events trying to find that right fit for me moving forward for the next four years. The first semester of freshman year at Samford is influential because it sets the tone for your remaining time on campus.

From Campus Ministries to Campus Outreach to Freshman Representative Council to Greek Life, the opportunities are endless. This is not to mention the thousands of churches in Birmingham, all of which seem to be inviting and inspirational. The journey of exploring all of these choices on and off campus with best friends is probably more memorable than the actual places themselves. My friends and I have endless hilarious stories from experiences in Greek Life and Campus Ministries. But what we discovered is that the key to successful involvement is not over extending yourself but finding just a couple places to deeply involve yourself and commit.

For me it is my church, Mountain Brook Community Church, my fraternity, and Campus Ministries. I chose these because community and the opportunity to grow in my faith are super important to me, and while there is most definitely community in all the organizations in and around Samford, these are the places in which I felt most at home. For example, a lot of my friends join me at church. Every Sunday we not only get to learn more about the Lord, but we also get to enjoy a nice lunch in the Caf together afterwards!

A second reflection that is probably most important to my dad is more scholarly. The professors here challenge you and push you to become the best student you can be. This means you will be stretched to learn and minimal effort simply doesn't get the job done anymore, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. The professors know that it is difficult, so help students every step of the way because they want you to succeed. I know that it is easy to say that teachers care about students when you are trying to "sell" a school but the care and compassion shown by the professors here is genuine. For instance, I struggled with paper writing in one of my classes at the start of the semester. I had always done well on papers in high school, so I didn't know what to do. My professor Dr. Johnson met with me several times before each of the next drafts. Because of this extra time, my writing skills have improved tremendously. Almost every Samford student could tell you a similar story about how helpful the professors are!

I hope that you enjoyed my reflective thoughts on my first semester in college, that they prove to be helpful, and that you finish out your year strong!

Until next time, Go Bulldogs!

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