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Spring, Outside of Samford

Your midterms are over, the papers are turned in, and the projects completed. It seemed like that week before spring break was the mountain separating you from the sun and the sand. For college students, this is probably the most eagerly anticipated week of the spring semester. For students at Samford, spring break can look like a multitude of things from: mission trips, to snowboarding in the mountains, to lying out on the beach. For my spring break specifically, I packed up the car with my best girlfriends and headed down to Destin, Florida.

spring break 
Spring break seems to always come at the right time. The stress from school, jobs, and sports can get a little overwhelming so it was nice to have a week of relaxation. Like a lot of other schools, it seemed like all of Samford’s students just relocated to Florida. Relaxation and friends? That’s pretty hard to beat. Students usually go with their fraternity/sorority, sports teams, clubs, etc. But what’s cool about Samford is that it almost never stays like that. Once you’re down there, everyone meets up with everyone, so you get to hang out with all your friends- even the ones you didn’t come with. That’s one thing I love about my group of friends that I came with. Many of my best friends are in all different sororities so when it came to hanging out with people, we got to see all the familiar faces we wanted to.

During the day we would lay out on the beach, play sand volleyball, and take a bunch of pictures. At night we would get dressed up and go out to eat and then go hang out at our friend’s houses. Even when the weather wasn’t pretty, spring break was still fun. There is nothing wrong with an all-day movie marathon or a good shopping trip. The nights we didn’t want to spend money going out to eat, we would get a big group of friends together and cook a meal. Spring break can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be.

I can speak for my friends and I when I say a week at the beach was just the right medicine to help us get through the last leg of the semester. Looking back at the pictures we took that week, I honestly can’t wait to go back.

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