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Brad Hulker: My Story

 brad's story pic I always get super excited when someone asks me why I chose Samford University because it allows me to talk about some of my favorite things- sports, family, and faith. To be completely honest this time last year I had no idea where I was going to college, but  I knew where I definitely was not going. You guessed it... SAMFORD! Several students from my school were coming here, and I wanted a fresh start. Even still, my dad was pretty big on my applying to Samford.

Fast forward to Christmas. I was still unsure where I wanted to go. Sarah Cottingham, my admissions counselor had talked to me a lot, and I was finally opening up my mind a little bit. (I’d like to take this time to shout out to all the admissions counselors, y’all rock!) Mom then came up with a ground breaking idea- PRAY ABOUT IT! Soon I had it narrowed down to Samford and one other school, but I couldn’t really differentiate between the two. I kept praying, and one night I was finally like “OK God I’m really dumb so can you please make this choice really obvious for me?”

Being a gracious God, He obliged and sent me a definite sign. I was accepted into the Samford Fellows program, a long shot for me, but at the same time I was denied entrance into the other university's Honors College. It was completely a God thing.

Now that I’m here and settled, I realize again that God definitely knows what He’s doing. The people here, from cafeteria workers to classmates to professors, genuinely care and want to help! Sometimes they’re so nice it scares me! I cannot imagine being anywhere else. So if I have one word of advice as you approach this college selection process, it is this: have an open hand and trust the Lord, for His plans are a lot bigger and better than ours!

Well that’s my story. Thanks for letting me share it! Bowwow Bulldogs!!!


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