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Rest: finding balance through transitions

balanceImagine a trapeze artist- beautiful, delicate and graceful. They look as perfect as can be; but if an unexpected change occurs, such as weight added or a gasp from the crowd, balance and concentration could be thrown off, causing them to wobble or even fall down.

To me, life can be seen the same way- a giant balancing act where anything new thing added has the ability to make one fall if not handled correctly. In college, one must balance things like schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and friendships that all play a role in making your college experience.

Recently I have had to balance numerous things like my health, my relationships with family and friends, my study schedule, my extracurricular involvements, and most importantly my sleep. According to leading psychologists, it is vital to get about 8 hours of sleep every night, which is something that seems quite farfetched to achieve from the perspective of a college student. However, sometimes the good of trying to do everything does not outweigh the bad things that can happen with sleep deprivation. Even moderate sleep loss is serious whether you realize it or not. It affects your mood and attentiveness, which can ultimately affect your grades and many other things. For me, getting a proper amount of sleep left me feeling more energized to tackle the activities of each day.

Here is some advice as I leave you for now: decide early what truly interests you and what you can and cannot handle in terms of work load and stress level. The ability to say "No" is a gift, not a limitation that can help you in so many ways. Also, make it a point to schedule some quiet time each day. One of the most significant things in my life that helps maintain my "sense of balance" is dedicating part of my morning to God and leaning on His understanding, not my own. I have found that when I give God time He shares more than I could have ever imagined.

The best of luck to you all!

-xoxo Dominique

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