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Move-In and Connections Weekend

You pull up to Samford’s campus with your car fully loaded (or in my case two cars). You’re anxious about what today holds. Between meeting new people, trying to fit all that you packed into your dorm room, and those dreaded final goodbyes, it all seems overwhelming. 

Well let me tell you- here at Samford University, you’re in luck. During the whole weekend of move-in and Connections, Samford’s staff and students work hard to make sure for a smooth transition for not only you, but for your parents as well. 

Let’s start with move-in. For your freshman year, you will not have to lift a single thing to bring to your dorm room. Yes, you heard me right. Not a single thing. As your car pulls up, a swarm of older Samford students (which includes the entire football team) are ready to unpack all of your belongings and carry it all to your room. How cool is that? Listening to my friends’ horror stories of their move-in days made me that much more thankful to have such intentionality from my campus right off the bat. The staff and students here at Samford try to make this day more about your time with your loved ones instead of having to worry about all the details that come with moving in. Move-In Day. Jordan's new home.

After my goodbyes were said and done on move-in day, I found myself sitting in my dorm room thinking, "Now what?" Well, I wasn't sitting still for long. "Samford Connections" began. Each new student is assigned to a group with a girl and a guy leader that are both upperclassmen students. These leaders have been selected specifically for this process, so we knew we were in good hands. I found that the Connection leaders were great people to seek advice from and ask questions to because WE were the reason they are there. They wanted us to feel as welcomed as possible. 

The weekend was all about you getting adjusted to Samford’s campus while also making connections to other people our age. 

Connections is such a cool and easy way to start making friends because there is so much to do. You play get to know you games, eat with your group in the caf and local restaurants, and travel around campus together. You also get to mix with other groups to meet even more people. This year my group went to the McWane Science Center and watched a movie there. The weekend is finished off with a “Hometown Throw-Down,” where everyone got to dress like his or her hometown and dance like crazy. None of this is mandatory, but I highly encourage you to go if you find yourself here at Samford University in the future. Some of my favorite friendships started during Connections. 

The weekend before your college journey starts is always going to be busy and a bit overwhelming. I’m just so grateful to go to a school that focuses on making the freshman class feel so welcomed and prepared for what this year has to offer.
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