Big Questions Grant

Framing Teaching and Research in the Sciences and Mathematics by the "Big Questions" of Meaning and Value

Project Summary

This project investigates the hypothesis that the big questions of meaning and value can be used to productively frame both pedagogy and research in science and mathematics. We suggest an approach in which the big questions are used to amplify and structure scientific inquiry and the acquisition of domain specific knowledge in traditional science and math courses, and where modern scientific understanding and research is used to illuminate the big questions in a fresh and appealing way. Anticipated outcomes include improved faculty and student engagement, enhancement of critical thinking skills, apprehension and appreciation of big questions outside the classroom, increased faculty communication, creation of a foundation for future contributions to the big questions dialogue, and production of methods and materials that will allow ready duplication of this approach at other locations.

Samford University led this two year project (Summer, 2009 - Summer, 2011), which also involved other institutions in the Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education (BACHE).

This project was made possible through the generous support of the Teagle Foundation.

Administrative Team