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    Brock Scholars Program

    The Brock School of Business pioneered the Brock Scholars program in 2009 to empower high-achieving business students to enhance and customize their education. This innovative program allows students to design their own curriculum, work closely with faculty, gain practical business experience, and receive additional funding. The program is designed for students whose academic goals and career aspirations call for a curriculum different from the six traditional majors offered. The Brock Scholars Program endeavors to fully equip students to achieve their academic and career goals.

    Photo of Kley Sippel
    Because of the research Brock professors mentored me through, I started my career with authoritative insight to issues critical to my clients and a mentality that approached the business world with agility, passion, and a heart to serve.
    Kley Sippel, Class of 2012

    Application Requirements

    • Declared major in Brock School of Business
    • GPA: 3.5 (Fellows); 3.7 (non-Fellows)
    • Essay
    • Faculty Recommendation: non-Fellows

    Core Elements

    Personalized Major

    Students combine business and non-business courses to achieve curricular goals

    Financial Support

    Provided each academic year to fund enriching activities
    Stipends for internship and fellowship

    Faculty Mentors

    Oxbridge-style tutorials allow students to meet with faculty in small groups to discuss complex topics
    Senior research projects lead student to work closely with a faculty member

    Experience Outside the Classroom

    Internships allow students to work with local companies in their field of interest
    Fellowships allow students to work with organizations all over the world and gather ideas for the senior thesis

    Personalized Major

    Brock Scholars have the ability to create their own unique curriculum. Working closely with faculty in the Brock School of Business and in line with the student's academic goals and career aspirations, Brock Scholars complete a core of business courses combined with courses from across the university to craft a personalized curricular experience.

    Some students choose to specialize further in a particular field of business, such as accounting, economics, or marketing. Others choose to merge their business foundation with a concentration in another area, such as religion or family studies courses.

    Course Requirements

    Financial Support

    Brock Scholars begin their career early with a subsidized internship during their sophomore year. The Brock Scholars Program provides a $1,500 stipend for each Scholar to intern at a socially mission-driven business. The position matches students' curricular interests and provides academic credit.

    The internship allows Scholars to begin their professional experience early and prepares them for an international fellowship after their junior year.

    Recent Internship Placements

    • Regions Bank
    • Public Affairs Research Council of AL
    • AL Sports Hall of Fame
    • MPower
    • Alabama Symphony Orchestra
    • Innovation Depot
    • Work of Worth

    Experience Outside the Classroom

    Photo of student Caroline Noland in Pakistan
    Caroline Noland (2012) spent 2 years in Pakistan after finishing her degree. She will attend the London School of Economics next fall.

    The Brock Scholars Fellowship provides additional experiential learning. With a stipend from the program, Scholars are place in organizations all over the world in a fellowship experience.

    Fellowships are tailored to the Scholar's specific career aspirations. For example, Kley Sippel ('12), in line with his economic development interests, was placed in South Africa to work with the enterprise incubator Living Way. Caroline Noland ('12) was placed with the global NGO Food for the Hungry in their Washington, D.C. office.

    Recent Fellowship Placements

    • Episcopal Archdiocese of Rwanda
    • South Africa Business Training for Agricultural Workers
    • Compassion International
    • Food for the Hungry
    • American Ballet
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    Best New Entrepreneurship Program by USASBE (2010)
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    Questions? Contact Us

    Dr. Sara Helms
    Program Coordinator