Samford University

Campus Life Committee

Campus Life

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Committee Members

    Kathy Flowers, Arts and Sciences
    Lee Farquhar, Arts and Sciences
    Kristin Bakkegard, Arts and Sciences
    David Loudon, Business
    Mark Searby, Divinity
    Amy Hoaglund, (Chair) Education
    Shannon Ashe, HP/PH
    Greg Laughlin, Law
    Grace Simms, Library
    Jill Hightower, Nursing
    Brian Viliunas, School of the Arts
    Whitney White, Pharmacy

Ex-Officio Members

    • Provost or Designee - Nancy Biggio
    • Student Affairs Representative - Phil Kimrey/Renie Moss
    • University Minister - Matt Kerlin
    • Admissions Representative 
    • University Advancement Representative - Philip Poole
    • Student - Bonnie Grace Tillman

Meeting Dates

Room: OBB 311 at 3:00 p.m.

September 17, 2014
October 22, 2014
November 10, 2014
December 3, 2014


This committee shall review and make recommendations concerning all areas of student life other than the University's academic programs, which are under the purview of the Committee on Academic Affairs.  The committee shall also review and make recommendations concerning the University's interaction with its external constituencies.  Areas of responsibility include:
1.    Campus programs and organizations which promote student
       development, including but not limited to University Ministries
       groups, Greek life, intramurals/campus recreation, honorary
       societies, and other voluntary extracurricular learning
2.    Policies and procedures related to student discipline (other
       than academic issues covered under Academic Affairs)
3.    Policies and procedures related to Convocation programs, as
       well as guidelines for Convocation attendance
4.    Student retention programs
5.    External relations

Composition (Faculty):
Arts and Sciences (3)   Education (1)     Arts (1)
Business (1)                Law (1)            Nursing (1)
Divinity (1)                  Library (1)        Pharmacy (1)

Ex-Officio (non-voting):
Provost or designee; Vice president for Student Affairs; University Minister; Associate Dean of Students; Director of Student Activities/leadership Development; Dean of Admissions; University Relations representative; Student

Total: 11 voting; 8 non-voting