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The Mann Center's Better World Theatre initiative, a collaboration between the center and the Samford Department of Theatre and Dance, allows students to explore ethical issues in their field of study by acting out scenarios they are likely to encounter in the professional world.

Produced, directed, and performed by students, these plays allow both the actors and the audience to gain a better understanding of the challenges they will face in their careers. Students are assessed on their ability to lead the audience in a discussion of the ethical issues identified in the play.

Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing student Cari Gelderman said of her experience: "Discussing ethics is challenging. It was helpful to practice listening to others with a different view and formulating my own positions on ethical issues now...Because it took place outside of our normal routine, I felt that Better World Theater allowed everyone, participants and audience alike, to embark on a journey together of authentic communication and dialogue about ethical issues that will undoubtedly arise in life…Better World Theater was a huge success!"

Dream Sequence

A short, student-written play on the consequences of academic dishonesty. See photos.

Bully in the Hospital

A short play on the impact of bullying on the hospital environment. See photos.


A short play on conflicts between a nurse's self-interest and the interests of the patient. See photos.

The Anti-Social Network

A short play on the risks of online behavior in nursing, as well as the appropriateness of interpersonal relationships with patients. See photos.

Just a Problem of Time

A short play on the vital importance of academic honesty in the nursing profession. See photos.

"Now We're Really Getting Somewhere"

A short play on how communication and interpersonal relationships can either empower or diminish individuals within their vocation. See photos.

"Mental Reservation..."

What's wrong with a little white lie? A short play on how we justify withholding the truth. See photos.



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