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What is Bulldog Days?

Bulldog Days is Samford's new student orientation program and is designed to assist new students with academic placement and facilitate early registration. This experience also affords new students the opportunity to begin the transition process from high school to college. Participation in Bulldog Days at Samford University is required and is vital to a student's successful college experience. New students will not be allowed to register for classes prior to Bulldog Days.   

Bulldog Days is...

Preparing for Class

  • You will get the chance to meet with an academic advisor to plan courses for the fall semester you will register for during Orientation.
  • Group sessions are held, so you can get acquainted with our many academic programs.
  • The world languages placement test will help you determine which language to take and at what level.

Learning About Campus Life

  • You will find out where everything is located on campus.
  • We have a wide variety of activities and organizations from which you can choose to join. 
  • The University provides numerous services from medical to financial to career driven for students to utilize. 

Meeting People and Making Friends

  • There will be many opportunities for you to meet new people who will be in your class. 
  • You will have Orientation Leaders to guide you along the way and to be a friendly, familiar face to greet you in the fall.
  • Our administration and faculty members want to get to know you as you begin your chosen field of study. 

For Parents Too

  • We extend a special invitation to parents to attend Orientation.
  • Activities are planned exclusively for parents while others include both parents and students.
  • Come engage in conversation with current students, their parents, administration, faculty, and staff.

For more information, contact the Orientation Office at 205-726-4230 or e-mail us at

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