Science, Religion, and the Church Conference

 Science and Religion

Perceived incompatibilities between theological and scientific perspectives of the world pose a potential dilemma for Christians and form a barrier for many outside the church for whom Christianity might otherwise appear viable. If the church is to maintain its relevance without sacrificing its core values, however, it cannot ignore these issues.    

On October 20, 2012, a free one-day conference provided the chance for church leader and members of all denominations to hear about a variety of topics with the hopes that they would consider engaging their own congregations in science and religion dialogue as a means to    

  1. form a coherent response to critical questions at the interface of science and religion,
  2. produce a more informed, conversant membership,
  3. reach those outside the church who think it impossible to reconcile science with Christianity,
  4. make the mind a full partner with the heart, soul, and strength with respect to loving and serving God.   

The conference was attended by members and/or staff from twenty different churches in three states. Keynote speaker and noted author Karl Giberson kicked off the event with a talk entitled “Is Science at War with Christianity?” Other presentations included:

Can there be Purpose in a World of Chance? (Dr. Tom Woolley)

Where Do We Come From? (Dr. Wilton Bunch)

Is There a Place for the Soul in a Physical Brain? (Dr. George Keller)

What Difference Does Interpretation Make? (Dr. Todd Harrington)

The Seven Deadly Sins of Science and Religion (Dr. Steve Donaldson)

Lunch was provided.