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Residence Hall Solicitation Policy for Off-Campus Groups

The mission of residence life is to provide a quality living/learning environment, thereby nurturing residents’ educational pursuits. Considerable effort is made to maintain privacy and comfort in the residents’ personal rooms. To create a nurturing environment in which residents are free from disruptions, unwanted information, intrusions, materials and services, and for security reasons, any type of soliciting or canvassing is prohibited in university residence halls.

Solicitation is defined as a request made by any person to another person, including, but not limited to, door-to-door or individual sales, fund-raising, distribution, commercial activity, or any other activity that intends to market products, services, or political or religious beliefs. A resident who notices any form of solicitation in the residence halls should immediately notify the area office.

A resident may invite a same-sex representative of a group, organization or business to their rooms, provided the resident makes the initial contact by express invitation and provided the resident’s roommate gives permission for the resident to extend such an invitation. It is preferable, however, that these meetings take place in a public area rather than in a residence hall room. The use of residence hall lounges, the Food Court and the University Center is recommended.

Advertisements for an off-campus individual, group, organization or business may be posted on a bulletin board in each residence hall with approval from the residence manager for that facility. To be considered by the residence manager, any advertisement or notice must have a clear statement of the local sponsoring entity. Only one advertisement per individual, group, organization or business may be posted in each residence hall. Advertisements will be posted for a maximum of two weeks and will not be returned. Information for distribution must be taken to the area office and, if approved by the Residence Life Coordinator, will be kept there for a limited time for interested students to pick up.

From time to time, there may be outside vendors whose products or services are deemed to be a service to students (i.e., daily newspaper delivery) that would not be in competition with any university agent, group or organization. Such vendors should contact the Residence Life Coordinator.