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Final Grading through the Samford Portal


Samford faculty must enter and report their grades via the Web using access through the Samford University Portal (via the Banner pages) OR via Moodle (Learning Management System) site. Moodle interfaces with Banner.

Grade changes may be made through the Samford University Portal or via Moodle until grades are rolled.  Please note, however, that grades will be rolled several times during the time that the grading window is open and again after it is closed. Also, grades will not display in self-service or in DegreeWorks until they are rolled.

Instructions for using Banner via the Samford University Portal follow below, under the "Grades" table.


Standard A - F Grading:
For most courses: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E, F, FA, or INC  
A Grade-Type of P/F:  
Allows you to enter P, F, or INC 
Grades Not Allowed:  
All grade types prohibit the entry of: W, WP, WF, Z, or AU

Step-by-Step Instructions for Final Online Grading via the Samford University Portal


  • After you read these instructions, go to in your Web browser and logon with your UserID (e-mail login) and password.


  • Click on the Banner tab.
  • Click on Faculty & Advisors on the Main Menu page.  
  • Select Final Grades from the list that appears on the Faculty & Advisors page.
  • Select a Term and Submit.
  • Select a course from the CRN: drop down box, click the Submit button.


  • Select an appropriate grade for each student in the drop down box under the Grade column. Please remember to submit some type of grade for each student, and don't leave any student "ungraded." You may grade one, several, or all of the students at a time by clicking the submit button. NOTE: You should click the submit button at least once every 89 minutes in order to help preserve your login.  
  • Use your mouse to click on the down arrow in the appropriate Grade box for the student or use the tab key to move from student to student.
  • If a student already has a grade of W, WP, WF or AU posted, please do not enter anything for the student. If you believe that the student should not be withdrawn or graded as an audit student, please contact the Office of Student Records at 726-2906 or
  • When you have completed entering your grades for that course (or before 90 minutes elapse), click Submit.


  • A message next to the yellow triangle at the top of the list will tell you how many grades were posted successfully. The grades you submitted will show in the Final Grade column. If a grade was not posted, there will be an explanatory note in the message column, explaining why the grade was not posted.
  • The system prohibits the entry of W or AU. Withdrawals and changes to grade type of AU must be processed by the appropriate administrative offices and finalized in the Student Records office.


  • If a grade entry is not accepted, you may enter a new grade and click Submit again.
  • If you would like to delete a grade entry, select None in the grade box and click Submit.
  • If you would like to change a grade entry, select the new grade in the grade box and click Submit.
  • If the grade you want to change has already been rolled, please send an e-mail from your Samford account to Sara Gould in Student Records ( Any grade changes AFTER 4:00 p.m. on Monday of the deadline will require completion of the official Change of Grade form.  

Grades will be rolled periodically throughout the grading period, but note that students will NOT be able to view their grades through Student Self Service UNTIL the grades for that course have been rolled.

Post grades only when finalized. If some of the grades in a class are not finalized you do not have to post them until they are final. Do not post INC grades as temporary grades because once grades are rolled into Academic History, a Change of Grade Form and Student Records Office's intervention will be necessary to change the INC to a letter grade. Use the INC only when it is the final grade for the semester. Please note that once an INC grade is entered for a student and the Submit button is used on the Final Grade webpage, a new webpage opens that allows the instructor to enter an Incomplete Final Grade (the grade to which the INC will default if the student fails to submit further work to resolve the INC) and an Extension Date (MM/DD/YYYY) (any date earlier than the established last day of class for the next full semester if the INC is to be resolved. The displayed Incomplete Final Grade = F may be changed by the instructor to any grade displayed by clicking on the arrow to the right of the field. The displayed Extension Date = 05/06/2013 may be changed by the instructor to any earlier date (see screenshot below).

If you have any additional questions, please contact Sara Gould at or at 726-2906.

Incomplete Final Grades   

  • To grade another course:
    • Click on the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the Final Grades page  
    • Select the class from the CRN: drop down box  
    • Highlight the new class you wish to grade and click Submit  
    • Repeat steps 3 through 5
  • Logout when you have finished grading.

General Information 

  • Missing Students? If a student does not appear on your Grade Courses Web page, that student is not registered for your course. Your Grade Courses page is a live view of the data in the Student Information System, so it is always up-to-date. Inquiries about student enrollment should be directed to the Office of Student Records (726-2906 or
  • Want to web grade successfully? Once you logon to Banner, try to move from page to page and submit your grades without delay. For security reasons, if you are logged in to the Samford University Portal for even a brief period of time without performing any action, your login may expire. If your login expires, click on Click here to Log In again to return to the Samford University Portal. Be advised that if your login expires while you are entering grades, your most recent entry of grades since you last clicked the Submit button has not been recorded.
  • Want to protect your students' privacy? Be sure to log off and close the browser screen before leaving the terminal.