Samford University

Older University Catalogs

Links to the current and past catalogs, from 2003 forward, are listed on our main catalog page.  

Older Catalogs

If you require a Samford course description from a catalog year earlier than 2003-2004, such as for transfer evaluation purposes, you can do one of the following:

  1. Physically check the Samford University Library and photocopy the needed pages from the desired catalog.
  2. Contact the Office of Student Records at 205-726-2911 (or toll-free at 1-877-726-2911). We can photocopy selected pages and mail or fax them to you or to the interested school/university official or department.
  3. Use the PDF catalogs available through College Source. College Source maintains PDFs of hundreds of college catalogs, including those for Samford, going back as far as 1994-95, and selected years are available for the Samford University Cumberland School of Law Prospectus. Current students can access these catalogs for FREE using a valid student e-mail address (you'll have to register with College Source to obtain access). Non-students (staff, faculty, former students) can access the College Source archives on a free-trial basis for 10 days, or pay for a subscription (cost is unknown).

Catalogs from Other Schools

As noted above, College Source maintains hundreds of college catalogs, including some for international colleges/universities. Click the above link to explore the possibility of free access (for current students) or a free trial for 10 days.