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Photo joel wyncott Violin
Learning to Play John 13
The beauty of the gospel narrative can be likened to a well-made instrument.  
Photo Smith Robert
Rooted but Not Restricted
In order for the church to remain relevant, it must be rooted in the Word without being restricted by the walls in which it worships. Watch this sermon by Dr. Robert Smith Jr.  
Photo Jordan Reformation Celebration
Jordan Evangelical Council Celebrates 505th Anniversary of the Reformation
The Jordan Evangelical Council, which is comprised of five Protestant denominations, met together on Oct. 28 to celebrate the 505th anniversary of the Reformation. 
Photo Devonta Anderson
So Amazing: How God Called me to Preach, Rap and Reach the Youth
Hip-hop itself is not a genre I like as much as it is a culture that I grew up in and a lens through which I see the world. I am hip-hop. 
Photo Jess Leslie
"Take and Eat:" A Hymn by and an Interview with Jess Leslie
Kristen Padilla interviews Jess Leslie for the 2022 issue of the Beeson magazine, "Singing the Faith," about hymn writing. Leslie shares a song she co-wrote with Drew Kearney. 
Photo Tyshawn Gardner
The Role of Hymns in African American Tradition, Preaching
Kristen Padilla interviews Tyshawn Gardner for the 2022 issue of the Beeson magazine, "Singing the Faith," about the role of hymns in the African American tradition. 
Photo Courtesy of Pitts Theology Library
Methodist Preaching: Spoken and Sung
The hymns of Charles Wesley (1707- 1788), younger brother of John Wesley, are often overlooked as significant means of “poetic proclamation” that both informed and inspired the people called Methodists.  

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