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Recognizing that all Christian ministers need to experience and be educated in cross-cultural ministry, Beeson Divinity School requires all MDiv students to participate in Cross-Cultural Ministry Practicum (CCMP) where they have the opportunity to reside and minister in a culture different from their own while being supervised by on-site mentors. Students may apply for Global Center travel grants.

Cross-cultural ministry is no longer exceptional but normative for Christian ministers. Communities across the United States are increasingly multi-cultural, and opportunities for mission involvement internationally are rapidly expanding. Competent ministry leaders in the 21st century must be prepared to cross cultural boundaries in the course of (and for the sake of) sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an objective of the cross-cultural ministry requirement that such preparation might begin for some and be advanced for others.

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CCMP Travel Grants

MDiv students can apply for a travel grant in order to help them complete their CCMP. For ministry practicum travel in North America, maximum funding per student is 50% of his or her expenses, up to $350 for most locations, and up to $700 for the trip to Washington.

Global Center outreach

For ministry practicum travel to CCMP destinations in Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, South Asia, or Europe, the maximum funding available per student is up to $1000. The number of students able to receive travel grant funds for their CCMP is limited to a certain number per academic year. After that number is met, additional students who apply for CCMP will be ineligible for travel grant assistance. Early registration is strongly encouraged.

Syllabus and Forms

Divinity students in India

To sign up for a practicum, please submit the following materials to the Global Center:

All students completing a CCMP internationally are required to obtain insurance for medical treatment/evacuation to the closest adequate healthcare facility. Students can elect to purchase this insurance through GeoBlue through Samford University upon approval through the Global Engagement Office.

Students can elect to purchase insurance through other providers if it meets the above Samford requirements. Insurance for spouses accompanying students on their CCMP must be purchased separately. Possible providers are but are not limited to the list below: