Samford University’s Spirit and Power Project, coordinated by Beeson Divinity School’s Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute, has three goals:

  • Enrich the training and formation of aspiring preachers through Samford University’s existing educational programs.
  • Engage current preachers with programs and services that enhance their spiritual vitality and theological judgment and facilitate growth in their abilities to interpret the Scriptures, interpret their ministry context, prepare sermons with rich content, and deliver them compellingly.
  • Exhibit and celebrate exemplary preaching and preachers for the benefit of current and future preachers alike.
Events and Opportunities

Aspiring Preachers

To enrich the training and formation of aspiring preachers, the SPP offers students:

  • Co-curricular learning opportunities, such as occasional Preaching Lunch-and-Learns, as well as Toolbox Sessions during the annual Animate Conference, sponsored by Samford’s Center for Worship and the Arts
  • Opportunities to gain preaching experience in various contexts, through the Samford Sunday program, as well as occasional Student-led Worship Services off-campus
  • Individualized Coaching Sessions in preparation for preaching opportunities, as well as review and feedback sessions following a preaching experience.

Current Preachers

To enhance the capacities and skills of current preachers, the SPP offers preachers:

  • Self-directed learning and development opportunities through Preaching Peer Groups
  • Structured learning and development opportunities through Preaching Development Cohorts
  • Support for Retreats, to give focused attention to study, prayer, sermon planning, and other preaching-related endeavors.

Celebrating Preaching

To exhibit and celebrate exemplary preaching and preachers, the SPP offers:

  • An Annual Preaching Conference
  • The Spirit and Power Preaching Podcast
  • The Robert Smith Jr. Preaching Institute (RSPI) Fellows, a corps of 10 exemplary preachers who serve as resource persons for preaching peer groups, preaching development cohorts, and in other SPP-sponsored programming.

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