Exploring HeinOnline’s Social Justice Suite
January 18, 2021
HeinOnline’s Social Justice Suite is a collection of databases offered to its core American and international subscribers. The suite is, also, offered for free to the libraries of any other institutions that are interested in the materials. The Social Justice Suite consists of the following three databases. 
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Welcome to Spring 2021
January 11, 2021
The Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library would like to welcome the members of the Cumberland School of Law community back for Spring 2021. The following is information about the law library to keep in mind as you progress through the semester. 
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Access to Online Study Aids: A Reminder
November 23, 2020
As exam preparation begins, remember that Cumberland School of Law students have access to online study aids through the collections of the Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library.   
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Law Library Resources for Career Planning and Management
November 16, 2020
When learning how to carve out a path within the legal profession, it might be extremely beneficial to consult the resources about career planning and management that are available from the law library. The following are a few of the resources that can be found in the collection of the Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library. 
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Coping with Stress and Anxiety
November 9, 2020
In addition to coping with the stress and anxiety that goes along with being a law student, the pandemic and the current political climate can add stresses that require extra attention. Here are several resources that can help you cope with these stressors. 
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Refresh Your Legal Research Skills with These Resources
November 2, 2020
Sometimes, as legal researchers, we get stuck in our same old patterns. When this happens, it is a good idea to revisit some of the texts that are available to guide us with our legal research.  
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Interesting Facts about Citators: Five Things to Know
October 26, 2020
Citators (also known as citation services) are an extremely important part of legal research generally used to determine how often a source has been cited by other sources. The following are five facts about citators that can help the legal researcher in the quest for good information. 
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