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Established in 2005, the Cumberland Community Mediation Center is another true distinction of our institution—it is the only community mediation center in the state of Alabama offering free, confidential meditation to all communities surrounding the law school.

In addition to the center’s director, attorneys, community members and law students who have completed the mediator practice course can volunteer to mediate for the center. The center’s cases come from Alabama’s largest county court system, Jefferson County, including circuit court, family courts, district court and small claims court. In addition, attorneys refer cases to the center.

Mediation Center receives an Academic Partner Award

On average, the center sees at least six mediations a month. Law students who observe these mediations are bound by the same confidentiality requirements as the mediators. Law students who participate in the mediations have taken the mediation practice course where they receive training and study theory, strategies, techniques and ethics. The course is approved by the Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution to satisfy the training requirements to apply to be listed on the Alabama roster of mediators.

During the observation process of mediations, students are able to interact with the mediators and provide their mediation method suggestions. Law students are debriefed on the strategies and techniques used by mediators at the completion.

After completion of the mediation practice course, students take a greater role in the center’s mediations.

Residence Life Mediation Program+


The Residence Life Mediation Program (RLMP) has been developed by the Cumberland Community Mediation Center (CCMC) to help Samford students resolve their conflicts through a process that encourages problem solving, cooperation and communication. The CCMC provides trained mediators to assist resolving college student conflicts. Mediators are impartial third parties who help facilitate discussion between conflicting parties to work toward a mutually agreed upon solution. The mediators volunteer their time freely to the RLMP and are comprised of both Cumberland School of Law’s faculty members and students. Conflicts of all sizes are welcome. All mediations are 100% confidential.

If you have any questions about the process of mediation or if you are considering mediation services, please contact the CCMC.

Residence Life Staff

The residence life staff at Samford can refer students to the Cumberland Community Mediation Center (CCMC) for mediation. The students should be experiencing some type of conflict they are having difficulty resolving.

  • Understand that mediation does not have to be a last resort.
  • If personal relationships with the students could be irreparably harmed by your involvement, do not hesitate to contact the CCMC for assistance.

To refer students to mediation, complete the mediation referral form and give each student a copy. Then, send the forms to The CCMC will contact the appropriate staff member at the Residence Life Office and the students to schedule a date and time for mediation.

Referral forms may also be sent through interoffice mail. (Samford campus only)


Any student may seek the assistance of the Cumberland Community Mediation Center (CCMC) for help resolving a conflict. Students should complete the mediation referral form and send a copy directly to the CCMC. The CCMC will then contact the involved students and set up a date and time for mediation.

Referral forms may also be sent through interoffice mail. (Samford campus only)

Program Marketing

The following downloads are available to help communicate the Residence Life Mediation Program campus wide. Please print and hang posters in dorm rooms and other notable places on campus.

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