Published on August 30, 2020  
Law Books

The following Cumberland School of Law students (bolded) qualified as Scholars of Merit and received the CALI Award for the summer 2020 term. The courses in which the students received this recognition are listed as well as the professors who taught the courses in which the students received this recognition.


Hannah M. Cassady | Wrongful Convictions | Davis, LaJuana

Jose Wellington Costa Neto | Constitutional Law I | Denning, Brannon P.

Anna Alyce Eastburn | Wrongful Convictions | Davis, LaJuana

Blake W. Harper | Economic Analysis of Law | Stone, Ralph Thomas

Palmer A. Mordecai | Legal Process | DeBow, Michael

Savannah M. Nixon | Wills, Trusts, and Estates | DiRusso, Alyssa

 Madison N. Vacarella | Advanced Writing Skills for Lawyers I | Baggett, John Mark