Our student ambassadors are a diverse representation of our collegial student body. They are involved on campus and in the community. They are proud to share with you what Cumberland School of Law has to offer, why they chose to pursue their law degree here, and why they love it. If you would like advice during your decision-making journey to attend law school, please contact our Office of Admission to be connected with one of our ambassadors.

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The 2021-22 Student Ambassador application will open on Monday, Jan. 18, 2021 and close on Friday, Jan. 29, 2021. Current first-year law students may apply. If you have any questions, please stop by the Office of Admission. 

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Photo of Abby Blankenship
Abby Blankenship
I chose Cumberland because I toured here my senior year of college and truly felt at home. I didn’t want to be a faceless number somewhere. I could see, even from visiting one time, the collegiality between both students and professors.
Photo of Meagan  Corcoran
Meagan Corcoran
The best thing about Cumberland is that as soon as you walk into the doors and talk to people, you feel like you are a part of a family! The faculty, staff, and fellow students always want to help. And the servant leadership atmosphere is phenomenal.
Photo of Tyler  Flowers
Tyler Flowers
I enjoy the family atmosphere that Birmingham provides for those who are studying law. There are always multiple events, work opportunities, and mentorships provided for us as we embark in our law careers. There is no question that Birmingham supports those who study law, and I aim to create a home here for me long after the studying is done. 
Photo of Jonathan  Jenkins
Jonathan Jenkins
I wanted to stay close to home (about two and a half hours away) while living in the “big city.” I also received a scholarship that made Cumberland competitive with all of the other schools I was considering. After visiting, I fell in love with the campus and the town and knew it was right for me.
Photo of Kiana  Kennamore
Kiana Kennamore
I enjoy studying law in Birmingham, because I love the city of Birmingham. I worked for a nonprofit in Birmingham for a year before coming to Cumberland. In that year, I fell in love with the city and the people. Birmingham has the best parks for hiking, unique shops, and the best restaurants. It just feels like home here.
Photo of Caitlin Love
Caitlin Love
I chose Cumberland because it felt like home. I knew law school would be a challenge, and I wanted a place that had a good community feel and also offered me a high-quality legal education. The Cumberland community is like no other. Students at Cumberland are kind, encouraging, and truly want one another to succeed.
Photo of Owen Mattox
Owen Mattox
By far, the best thing about Cumberland is the communal feel that emanates from the campus and faculty. Each person, from the ambassadors to Dean Strickland, have been approachable and personable.
Photo of Fran Pecci
Fran Pecci
I believe the best thing about Cumberland is our history and tradition. Our law school is the 11th oldest law school in the country, having been founded in 1847. Cumberland has emphasized a “practical law” approach to teaching throughout its history, which reflects not only in our student body, but in our alumni as well.
Photo of Terry Pittman
Terry "TJ" Pittman, Jr.
I chose Cumberland because the admissions office really made me feel as if I were family. Over the summer I just popped in the office unannounced, everyone jumped up to greet me and made me feel welcome. On the spot, Mrs. Battles gave me a tour of the entire law school, and I had the opportunity to talk to several students who were on campus. Instead of feeling like a student I felt like a family member.
Photo of Sarah  Rawls
Sarah Rawls
I decided to attend Cumberland because of its quality reputation in the legal community, emphasis on academic rigor, and clear camaraderie among students. The beautiful campus was an added bonus.
Photo of Dillon Rheuby
Dillon Rheuby
Cumberland has a very tight community feeling. Other schools pride themselves on their cutthroat mentality. At Cumberland it feels like my classmates and I are in this together.
Photo of Elizabeth Weyerman
Elizabeth Weyerman
The community and opportunities to get involved early on set Cumberland apart. The atmosphere is encouraging and students, professors, and faculty support each other. It is a community that encourages one another and lasts.