Speak to a Student Ambassador

If you would like to talk to a Student Ambassador, please contact the Office of Admission at 205-726-2702 or lawadm@samford.edu.

Photo of Abby Blankenship
Abby Blankenship
I went to a small liberal arts college and wanted that same feeling in law school. The atmosphere at Cumberland is welcoming, warm, and familial. I knew when I came for my campus tour that Cumberland was the place for me.
Photo of Brooke Messina
Brooke Messina
I initially visited Cumberland because it is located in a great city with a thriving legal market. It immediately felt like home because of the warmth and kindness of everyone I met. After taking a tour and meeting a few students and faculty members, I knew Cumberland was the place for me.
Photo of Derek Chen
Derek Chen
Cumberland faculty know their students by name and are willing to help us after class. To me, the best thing about Cumberland is the ability to build strong relationships between students, faculty and staff. I chose Cumberland because I could sense the tight knit community of the school.
Photo of Cobb Bostick
Cobb Bostick
I chose Cumberland because several of my mentors in undergrad are alumni and they had a huge impact on my life. Another reason I chose Cumberland was the location. Birmingham is a great city that just keeps getting better all the time.
Photo of Jordan  Godwin
Jordan Godwin
I came to Cumberland because of their excellence in trial advocacy. Since my goal is to practice law as a litigator, I knew Cumberland would give me the highest level of training to achieve that goal.
Photo of Kristyn Hardy
Kristyn Hardy
I chose Cumberland because of its students. The personalities of the Ambassadors and the students that I met during Admitted Students Weekend played a major role in my choosing of Cumberland.
Photo of Lindsey  Phillips
Lindsey Phillips
I chose Cumberland because of the familial feel I experienced when I visited. The campus is beautiful, and everyone is so willing to help and welcome you when you come on to campus. It just felt right!
Photo of Nolan  Herslebs
Nolan Herslebs
I chose Cumberland because of the nationally ranked trial team and the friendly environment of the school. I initially was interested in Cumberland because of the prestigious trial team, but stayed because of the faculty.
Photo of Terry Pittman
Terry "TJ" Pittman, Jr.
I chose Cumberland because the admissions office really made me feel as if I was family. Over the summer I just popped in the office unannounced, everyone jumped up to greet me and make me feel welcome. Instead of feeling like a student, I felt like a family member.
Photo of Sarah  Rawls
Sarah Rawls
I decided to attend Cumberland because of its quality reputation in the legal community, emphasis on academic rigor, and clear camaraderie among students. The beautiful campus was an added bonus.
Photo of Tucker  Martin
Tucker Martin
I chose Cumberland because I felt at home when I visited. I knew right away that Cumberland was the only school I needed to visit. I chose Cumberland because I want to start my legal career in Birmingham, and the school has a sterling reputation here.