Our admission ambassadors are a diverse representation of our collegial student body. They are involved on campus and in the community. They are proud to share with you what Cumberland School of Law has to offer, why they chose to pursue their law degree here, and why they love it. If you would like advice during your decision-making journey to attend law school, please contact our Office of Admission to be connected with one of our ambassadors.

Would you like to ask an admission ambassador a question? Email lawadm@samford.edu and request to be connected with an ambassador. 

Photo of Natalie Beckerink
Natalie Beckerink, Lead Ambassador
My Cumberland story is so fun to tell because it all is a great testament to the Lord’s perfect timing.
Photo of Jamal Benson
Jamal Benson
Cumberland stood out to me because they have a great sense of community, I’ve felt welcomed and accepted since my first encounter with the school.
Photo of Lizz Campbell
Lizz Campbell
I chose Cumberland because I wanted to pursue a legal education that would prepare me for the "real world."
Photo of Victoria Gurol
Victoria Gurol
I chose Cumberland because I knew it was a school where I could explore my different interests in the legal field and have access to excellent resources to ensure success.
Photo of John Koo
John Koo
I wanted to be in a city that had a tight knit legal market with a thriving business community and great quality of life. Birmingham fit those categories for me.
Photo of Brynn Martin
Brynn Martin
The best thing about Cumberland is how helpful and community-based everyone is.
Photo of Sadler McKeen
Sadler McKeen, Lead Ambassador
Law school is three years of your life. I wanted to go somewhere that I could be with people that had a desire to be the best attorney they could be but also focused on what was important: family, friends, and life in general.
Photo of Stephanie Monterrosso
Stephanie Monterrosso
I love that Cumberland alumni are still actively involved with the law school when it comes to coaching moot court, coaching trial teams, and participating in speaking events. This involvement gave me the sense that they were proud to be Cumberland alumni, and I knew this meant that I would be too.
Photo of Malik Moore
Malik Moore
I think the best thing about Cumberland is the community and how intentional the professors are with the students.
Photo of Sydney Moore
Sydney Moore
I chose Cumberland for many reasons, including their support of my religious beliefs, how welcome faculty and students made me feel when visiting and speaking with them over the phone, and their connectedness with the Birmingham legal job market.
Photo of Anna Grace Phillips
Anna Grace Phillips
I have found the school’s admirable reputation to be true in many ways, but one unique aspect that I admire most is Cumberland striving to afford practical experiences to students from the get-go. For instance, Cumberland has already provided me with vast opportunities to apply what I have learned in classrooms to practical situations, including 1L trial competitions, oral arguments, drafting motions and briefs, and more.
Photo of Will Philpot
Will Philpot
Birmingham is a major food and drink hub with many James Beard Award winning chefs and restaurants.
Photo of Sarah Grace Strength
Sarah Grace Strength
From the moment I started my 1L year, I realized that the environment at Cumberland is the exact opposite from what I thought it was going to be. My classmates have become some of my very best friends, and we lift each other up rather than competing with each other.
Photo of Zedekiah Toy
Zedekiah Toy
I chose Cumberland because it was close to home and it is a top school in trial advocacy.
Photo of John West
John M. West
I chose Cumberland because of the welcoming community and reputation for excellence in academics and trial advocacy. Cumberland truly offers a place for students to pursue academic interests while being surrounded by supportive colleagues and faculty.
Photo of Will Yeiser
Will Yeiser
The best thing about Cumberland is definitely the overall encouraging environment from your peers. While there is typical law school drama and stress, in general, your classmates and upperclassmen are there to help you through what will perhaps be the biggest and most challenging decision of your life thus far.