Animate - a summer gathering of teenagers and adults from multiple generations, races and denominations. Musicians and preachers. Actors and artists. Leaders and followers. United as one. United by One. To create, learn, dream, engage, explore, and worship together.

Look for news about Animate 2023 this Fall.  It will take place in June of 2023.

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Animate Philosophy

Mentoring young people for faithful worship ministry in the twenty-first century lies at the heart of the Animate philosophy. By encouraging thoughtful, artistic, imaginative worship planning and leadership, Animate seeks to help students and their mentors better understand and facilitate the dialogue of worship. We hope they will, in turn, further enhance the worship life of their local congregation.

Through Animate, teenagers become conversant in multiple styles, expressions, and idioms of worship. They will be inspired to invigorate the mission of the church, foster a richer imagination about who God is, promote a deeper level of participation in church life, and create a greater desire to live a life of humility and conviction in the world.

What’s the result? We believe Animate has the potential to raise up a generation of multi-lingual worshipers and worship leaders: teenagers who are biblically faithful and contextually aware, historically informed and culturally relevant, spiritually sensitive and prophetically challenging, theologically imaginative and artistically astute, locally connected and globally engaged. Informed and inspired by interdisciplinary studies in worship, preaching, music, theatre, dance, visual art, architecture, and film, they will learn the art of collaborating with others to create artistic liturgies that will inspire a rich life of faith.

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