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Because of Animate
Samford sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama, and former Animate participant Kayleigh Addison comes full circle as an Animate Student Staff member this summer! 
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Faithfully Rooted Student Ministry
Cameron Cole has ministered for eighteen years in youth and family ministry at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama. He presently serves as the Director of Children, Youth, and Family. He is the founding chairman of Rooted: Advancing Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry, a youth ministry organization that works to transform youth ministry by forming Gospel-centered student ministry leaders and parents. In this blog, Cameron reflects on faithfully rooted student ministry in this day and age. 
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Healthy Congregational Worship—Is Trinitarian in Nature
While there are many factors to consider when we approach the planning and leading of corporate worship, in this series we will explore those habits that foster vibrant, unifying, and meaningful expressions among God’s gathered people. My desire, while somewhat prescriptive, is to ask pastors, elders, worship artists, leaders, musicians, and even congregants to seriously evaluate their current practices with the hope that they would consider potential adjustments along the path of pursuing healthy congregational worship. Perhaps by the end of this series, a church might want to consider one or two Vital Signs to assess, evaluate, and address. 
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Worship Check-up: Vital Signs for Healthy Congregational Worship
While there are many factors to consider when we approach the planning and leading of corporate worship, in this eight-part series, Dr. Jonathan Rodgers helps us identify those habits and practices that encourage and foster vibrant and robust corporate worship expressions. 
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Exchanging More Than Music
Samford hosted students and teachers from Mt. Gilead Scholastic and Artistic (MGS&A) Institute in Coy to see Samford Opera’s presentation of Amahl and the Night Visitors as part of the ongoing service based learning partnership between Samford and MGS&A. 
I Shall Know Him When He Comes
Advent marks the beginning of the Christian year – starting four Sundays before Christmas and continuing until Christmas day. These weeks encourage the body of Christ to anticipate the birth of their Savior – not just looking forward to the birth of Jesus but learning to wait well as we anticipate his second coming, when every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The resources and worship services attached at the end of this post are crafted to help your worshiping community anticipate the coming of Christ. 
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A Collect for Thanksgiving: Making Space for Divine Hospitality
Needing a little inspiration for Thanksgiving?