Equipping congregations to engage intergenerational and artistic worship practices that glorify God, honor Christ, and join the transformative work of the Spirit in the world.


The Center for Worship and the Arts at Samford University is working to secure a prominent role in the conversation of worship and the arts locally, regionally, and nationally. While the Center for Worship and the Arts shares common goals with centers and institutes on campus, in the region, and around the United States, our work with congregations to bridge the gap between youth ministry and worship ministry is unique. Through programs, research, and scholarship, we are creating a national platform for conversations about the relationship between youth ministry and worship ministry.

Samford University is an institution whose charter nearly 175 years ago declared the training of ministers and musicians for the church to be its primary goal. While Samford has expanded, the University retains its commitment to prepare ministers for the twenty-first century, and this complements the mission of the Center well. Samford maintains an active relationship with ministry groups and arts-based organizations. These organizations provide opportunities for Samford students to engage in the work of the Center as well as explore vocational options, experiment with leadership skills, and experience the rich cultural context Birmingham provides. All of these activities are suspended in a rich web of campus-based worship, discipleship, leadership, and service.

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On the fifth anniversary (2017) of the Center for Worship and the Arts at Samford University, we identified ten principles that have guided our past work, and will continue to guide our present and future work, both internally and externally. These values are time-honored practices and principles rooted deeply in scripture and Christian history.

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