Published on December 16, 2021 by Center for Worship and the Arts  
Year in Review 2021

2021 has been a year of renewal, reimagining, and reflection in the Center for Worship and the Arts. We’ve renewed partnerships with on-campus friends, resulting in unique and meaningful offerings to our CWA community. We’ve reimagined implementation of popular programs such as worship exchanges and Animate, resulting in new ideas for ongoing expansion of the Center’s work. We’ve reflected on why we do what we do, resulting in a renewed appreciation of the important work of equipping congregations to engage intergenerational and artistic worship practices that glorify God, honor Christ, and join the transformative work of the Spirit in the world. We’re thankful for all who continue to support the work of the Center for Worship and the Arts. Enjoy this look back at the CWA Year in Review 2021, and celebrate with us all that God has done through the Center for Worship and the Arts for the glory of God, for the good of the church.