Published on May 10, 2023 by Kayleigh Addison  
Animate kids copy

Looking back, if not for Animate, I would not be at Samford. I was searching for community and stability, and through Animate, I got a sneak peak of the Samford Community – how the faculty interacts with the student body. I knew that this is how I wanted to spend my college years.

Before my first Animate, I was shy and insecure, not liking to sing in front of people or show my artwork publicly. During Animate, I gained knowledge and guidance in worship arts, and in my talents, which genuinely helped me gain confidence in my God-given abilities. By getting out of my comfort zone, I became a leader. The Animate experience also helped my church worship team connect with one another, and grow together mentally, spiritually, and in leadership. My favorite part of Animate was the “Festival of Worship,” day where small groups work together to create and lead a worship service. As someone who is very shy, I was terrified. But, we had prepared all week for this day with classes taught by ACTUAL, REAL professors at Samford, so we were ready.

My Animate student staff leader made a huge impact on my life, and is one of the reasons I am at Samford today. She encouraged me by saying she could see how I would thive at Samford, and she was right! The day I received my Samford acceptance letter, I texted her immediately! Even though years had passed since our time at Animate together, she still remembered me. This summer, I have the opportunity to give back by serving on the Animate student staff. I want to be a supportive encourager for someone as my leader was for me, many years ago. I am so grateful for all the experiences as a student in Animate and am now ready for new experiences as a member of the Animate Samford student staff!

ANIMATE is happening at Samford University June 26-30, 2023. Registration officially closes Monday, May 15. We invite you to check-out our Animate website for more information and to register! If you missed the window this year, but are interested in Animate 2024, there is space on our website to register your interest for Animate 2024, and receive 50% off tuition! Check it out at