Worship Services for Holidays

These worship services can be used in congregations who highlight special holidays throughout the year. Many congregants observe social holidays. Worship leaders are faced with an important question: How do we honor the family celebrations of our church members and still maintain worship as worship, our community’s encounter with God? These services seek to redeem our time, encouraging faithful worship by sanctifying our culture’s calendar.


A Service For Valentine’s Day

This worship service centers on Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians, that they would be rooted in love. Here are some materials to get you started creating your own worship service.


A Service For St. Patrick's Day

This worship service borrows elements from Celtic Christianity and is inspired by the missional ministry of St. Patrick. It centers on Jesus’ call for us to be “salt and light,” as embodied in the missionary work of St. Paul. Here are some materials to get you started creating your own worship service.


An Earth Day Celebration

We confess that God is our Creator, the maker of heaven and earth. And the God who creates also calls creation “good.” This conviction shapes the way we view and live in our world. We care for the world, see God’s beauty in it, and aim to be good stewards of its care. Our responsibility is to become God’s instruments, seeking the earth’s justice, renewal, and sustainability.


A Service Celebrating Graduation

Graduating from high school or college is an important rite of passage. Many congregations want to honor their own graduating seniors in the context of the worship gathering, blessing them and thanking God for divine care and guidance.


A Service for Thanksgiving

These worship resources remind worshipers that hospitality is an integral part of Thanksgiving. But biblical hospitality goes far deeper than typical table small-talk, “Good to see y’all! Can you pass the turkey and dressing?” Hospitality is messy because, in the kingdom, we’re called to entertain aliens and angels alike. Here are some materials to help you create space for reflecting on biblical hospitality in worship.