Samford University

Residence Hall Fees


The fee for staying in a University residence hall is$40.00 per room per night. The rates are

based on double occupancy (two persons to a room). There will beno additional charge if single

occupancy results from a forced deviation (e.g. there is an oddnumber of campers, adults are

spaced in order to provide supervision, campers are assigned toa designated single room, etc.)

Campers must provide their own linens. For information regardingresidence halls please visit

The Residence Hall Housing Sign Up Sheet must be completed 2weeks in advance from the

start day of the camp. The Sign Up Sheet will be emailed togroups once the residence hall

locations are approved by the Office of Residence Life. Changesin residence hall placement for

individual campers will be allowed up until the 2 week deadline.If changes are made after the

deadline, the camp will be billed for the number of roomsrequested at the 2 week deadline.


Campers will be issued internal and external individual roomkeys. The fee for a lost room key is

$50.00 for internal key and$100.00 for external keys.


During your campus stay, summer conferences and camps areresponsible for any damage done

to, and/or loss of, University property belonging to yourassigned residences. If damage is found

during your program's stay or during the final walk-through ofyour residence(s) (performed

immediately after your program's departure by our Summer Staff,you will be notified

immediately and your program will be charged accordingly. If youwitness damage during your

program's stay, it is best to report this immediately to theResidence Life contact for your group.

If you would like to request a walk-through before yourparticipants/staff arrive, please schedule

a meeting with the Office of Event Management.