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John Newton Scholar Rouse to Speak at Samford Nov. 12

Posted by William Nunnelley on 2002-11-08

British scholar Marylynn Rouse, who has studied the life and works of "Amazing Grace" author John Newton, will speak at Samford University Tuesday, Nov. 12.

Rouse will speak at 7 p.m. in Brooks Hall Auditorium on "'Amazing Grace' and the End of Slavery: Hymn-writer John Newton and the Origins of British Antislavery." The public is invited free.

Newton's best known work is the famous hymn. He wrote it after his conversion to Christianity following a career as a ship captain and slave trader, and the song is well-known for its reference to "a wretch like me."

Rouse has researched volumes of other Newton works and personal papers. One of her discoveries is Newton's influence on William Wilberforce, who championed the antislavery cause in England. Partly because of this influence, Parliament in 1807 passed a law outlawing the slave trade, 58 years before the 13th Amendment ended slavery in America.

Rouse is in the process of publishing the collected works of John Newton.

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