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What I'd Tell My 13-year old Self

As I think back on my journey that led me here, there are a few things I wish I would have known. If I had the opportunity to have a conversation with my 13-year-old self, here are a few things I would say... 
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Technology and Worship

How do we incorporate technology into our worship gatherings? How do you continue to grow volunteers while championing the benefits of technology in ministry?  
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New Research About Teens, Social Media, and What They Need from Us

My friend Eric, a local youth pastor, recently told me how a Ping-Pong table was revolutionizing his youth group. 
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Praying the Headlines: Las Vegas Shooting

Looking for resources to help your teenagers process the tragic events in Las Vegas this week? Look at this example from one congregation and use it in your context.  
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Rest in Peace, anima

I’m the son of funeral directors - it’s the family business. I started playing for funerals in 5th grade, and well, I haven’t stopped since then. 
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Four Essentials for Student Worship Leaders

Often times student worship leaders are the spiritual leaders of a student ministry. If you are a student worship leader, are you leading others the way that you should? 
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Rockstars and Worship Leaders

God is not looking to advance his kingdom with faces on posters, he is advancing it with those who are on their knees. In the economy of heaven weakness is power and humility is strength.