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Lessons from Working Animate

A week as an Animate staffer is incredibly rewarding. The people you meet, the stories you pick up, and the times of worship together are like no other. Here are four qualities of leadership that I’ve learned through my summers working at Animate. 

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Put On The Spot

Approximately half an hour before the worship service my youth pastor put his arm on my shoulder, showed me the order and said, “I put you down for sharing your testimony tonight, so you’ll have a few minutes before the sermon.” WHAT?! You did, what?!  

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Dear Artists...

I know the church is a confusing place for you. They don’t know what to do with the journey you’ve been called to. Most churches don’t have any kind of art culture. And if they do, it is bound up in creating easy-to-understand-beautiful-things and trying not to offend anyone. I get it. I’ve been there.  

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Give A Witness

In order to give a witness you must have seen something first. Have you seen the work of Jesus in your life? Do you remember meeting him and experiencing him and being loved and forgiven and accepted by Jesus? Witness that. 

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Demystifying Creative Worship

There is a mystique around creative writing that makes writers feel obligated to tap into something ecstatic, supernatural or other before they are allowed to compose. 

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Robes and Fake Beards Not Allowed

Robes and fake beards don’t help us understand Scripture. They don’t help us identify with the humanity of the characters. They’re a further reminder that so much in the Bible is alien and weird.  

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Can We Worship Through Projection?

Overhead projectors and early projection practices were usually a means to an end – getting words in front of us so we could sing. But the conversation, as well as the programs, have grown and developed to the point where we need to ask ourselves a question: do we see projection as a means to worship, or as part of worship?