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Reserve Materials - Spring 2019

Below is a list of material that is on Reserve for a specific class. The material is listed in alphabetical order by the Professor's Name, followed by the Course Number.  The circulation period is three hours and is for in-library use only.

This web page does NOT link to full text electronic copies of the materials.

Roberts - LAW 505

Laurence, Robert.  A student's guide to estates in land and future interests; text, examples, problems and answers.  3rd ed.  1 copy – (Book – Personal copy)

Makdisi, John.  Estates in land and future interests : problems and answers.  7th ed.  1 copy – (Book – Personal copy)

Strickland - LAW 508

Dorsaneo, William V.  Questions & answers: civil procedure.  3rd ed. - 1 copy -  (Book - Personal copy)

Strickland – LAW 509

 Dorsaneo, William V.  Questions & answers : civil procedure.  4th ed.  – 1 copy – (Book – Personal copy)

Stone - LAW 673

 Matsushita Electric v. Zenith.  3 copies – (File folder)

State Oil Co. v. Khan et al.  5 copies – (File folder)

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