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Students Develop Communication and Collaboration Skills during Acute Care Simulation
With more than 25 patient cases and 200 students participating over two days, Samford University’s annual Acute Care Simulation takes experiential learning to a new level, challenging students to communicate, collaborate and think critically as an interprofessional health care team. 
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Learning About, From and With Each Other
For more than a decade, Samford University has pursued excellence in interprofessional education. Today, with its four health-related schools under the College of Health Sciences, its commitment to collaboration has expanded to encompass interprofessional education, scholarship and practice. 
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Learning to Care for the Whole Person
Interprofessional teams of students in the School of Health Professions learn to care for the whole person, working side by side to evaluate and treat survivors of a traumatic brain injury at the annual Bright Ideas TBI Camp with the Alabama Head Injury Foundation. 
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Pushing Health Care Simulation Closer to Reality
The ingenuity of faculty in Samford’s Experiential Learning and Simulation Center extends the limits of realism to improve simulation experiences for students. 
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School of Health Professions Launches Physician Assistant Studies Program
In 2013, Samford University approved the establishment of a physician assistant studies program within the School of Health Professions. Six years later, the program’s inaugural class of 36 has arrived on campus.  
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The Tools We Use to Serve
Speech language pathology students in the School of Health Professions use the latest technology and equipment to further care for the whole person. 
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Our Latest Degree Programs
The College of Health Sciences is meeting the demands of today’s growing health care workforce by preparing competent and compassionate individuals who are answering their calling to care.