Helping students answer a calling to a larger purpose

The health care industry is at pivotal time, ripe with opportunities to make substantial improvements to meet the needs of patients. More than ever, many professions are working together to advance the health of patients in the fast changing delivery of healthcare in this country and world. Public health focuses on all aspects of the patient from the medical encounter to communities where the patient lives, works, eats, and receives support for vital human services. If you find your calling here, you’ll work to address some of the most important aspects of health, from access to and management of healthcare, prevention of diseases and improving the health of populations, to support services for infants and mothers, and the appropriate nutrition at every stage of life.


The School of Public Health includes four departments: Healthcare Administration and Informatics, Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health and Social Work.

We offer bachelor of science degrees in foods and nutrition, healthcare administration, nutrition and dietetics and public health. The undergraduate program in health information management began enrolling students in 2017. 

Master's degrees are offered in healthcare administration, nutrition, public health and social work. The Master of Science in Health Informatics program began enrolling students in 2017. Students can also enroll in the dietetic internship program. 

The problems that affect health and well-being are complex in nature, and their resolution requires professionals to collaborate in an interdisciplinary manner. Consequently, School of Public Health students in every degree program work in collaboration with students in other departments and even other schools, learning to address the increasingly complex needs of the individuals and communities they serve.